Experience “Saturn V” as a Game Level

Behold! “Saturn V” from our newly released Lakeside Obelisk release is now available as an interactive, explorable level.  Experience the song while wandering around inside it, and inside the world it inhabits.

Consider for a moment, the idea that there is a perfect place for everything.  An idealized, meticulously detailed and personally crafted hideaway, the galactic tree-house of your memory’s past, present and future.  Beyond the classic limits and boundaries of time and space, there can be a fully realized place born in the minds of their dreamers.

Enter Saturn V, a digital vestibule filled with sound, sight and our favorite earthly pleasures.  Please, join us.

Download for Mac: HERE

Download for PC: HERE

Play in a web browser (might be a bit slower):  HERE

Controls: Movement: W = forward  A = left   S= back  D = right. Click on the screen and move the mouse to look around. Command-Q quits the level.

Saturn V SC3

SaturnV SC1


Saturn V SC2

Saturn V SC5


Saturn V SC6