Igloo Magazine reviews “Brewer’s Reflection” and the rest of Percussion Lab’s Cambio compilation

Igloo Magazine wrote an awesome review of “Brewer’s Reflection” as featured in Percussion Lab’sCambio‘ release:

Igloo Magazine: V/A: Cambio (Perussion Lab)

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“Archie Pelago in particular are excellent, a trio consisting of cello, trumpet, saxophone and laptops (for their live shows). I came across them first via a remix they did on Eyelove’s EP Mysticism (Slime Recordings) that was the best track on it for my money. In fact, I would opine that their’s is a strong contender for my favourite track on the compilation, with its floaty mix of chilled jazz tinted instrumentation, field recordings, bouncy beats and cocktail party ambience. I love the combination of sax and cello particularly.”

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